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About USPS│USPS Tracking

The USPS is the abbreviation of the United States Postal Service. It has many other names such as the Post Office, the Post Service and the U.S mail. The USPS is a self-supporting government package services provider which is responsible for offering packages delivery services in the whole United States. It's services can reach to every corner of the nation including 151 million habitations, businesses and Post Office Boxes. As a state-owned post office, the USPS was established in 1775 with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. Although the USPS owns the largest fleet of vehicles worldwide, the UPS is its biggest competitor in American. The USPS also provides very low cost and good delivery services for its clients. They need to handle with very large quantities of packages a day. Their services are the best and their staff are very committed. What's more? The USPS also boasts of the reputation taking no taxes for its operation.

How to track your USPS packages on this USPS Tracking website?

We provide a fast and accurate tracking service here with a third party API interfaces. Please note that all the tracking services here are free and all the information of visitors is highly confidential. Your data will not be saved for the use of any kind. So please be assured your tracking is safety and follow the steps to track as you wish.

1. Make sure your package can be trackable as the USPS First Class Large/Flat Envelope shipment do not enable a tracking service provided by the USPS;
2. Find your USPS tracking number from the sender, seller or a receipt;
3. Type your tracking number into the above search box;
4. Click "Track" button to display the latest package tracking info.

Note: If you are tracking an international package, you will get tracking info in both the origin country and destination country all in one place.

USPS Status Updates Meaning│USPS Tracking

USPS packages tracking info contains some phrases which could be hardly understood by some people. Here, I listed explanations of some of the most frequently asked and appeared phrases for people to look for.

"Electronic Shipping Info Received": This info indicates that the USPS shipping staff has been notified that someone is going to ship goods through its channel and is waiting for his packages being processed and
delivery. This info often appears after the sender prints a shipping label. It is not necessarily indicate that your packages are handed over to the USPS facility.

"Acceptance": This info indicates that your packages have been collected or picked up by the USPS staff or that they accepted your packages at the post office.

"Processed Through Sort Facility": A sort facility is where mail from nearby areas go and is "sorted" according to where it's going. Therefore, this info indicates that your packages has been arrivered at a sort facility and is now under scanned and will be delivered by another driver towards the destinaiton.

"Arrival at Unit": This info indicates that your packages have arrivered at the final postal unit where your zip code is in. When this info appears, it means your packages is very near to the destination.

"Processing Complete": This info indicates that your packages has arrivered at the local post office or hub and is transported by a trunk for delivery.

"Out-for-Delivery": This info indicates that a carrier is now delivering your packages and you will receive your packages soon.

"Notice Left": This info indicates that a carrier has tried to deliver your item but failed. Usually, they will try to deliver two more times. And you can arrange another delivery time or try to pick up at the post office by yourself. If you ignore the notice and left the package unclaimed for a certain days, it will then be returned to the sender.

"Delivered": This info indicates that your package has been delivered to the recipient successfully. Sometimes, the recipient would claim they do not receive the item at all. Then please ask him or her to search the possible places that the package would be as the carrier usually leave packages to a safe place that can not be easily find by others. If still the same result, then call USPS customer representatices to file a claim.

USPS Phone Number│USPS Customer Service Number│USPS Contact E-mail

The United States Postal Service needs to deal with lots of packages every day. There are many packages been delivered, but also many do not. There are people shipping items lots of times that are full of experiences, but also there are many who are first time shipping parcels. But they have one thing in common, that is they all need to make contact with the United States Postal Service. Therefore, how to contact the USPS Customer Service? Usually, there are three ways to contact USPS.

1. Call USPS Domestic Customer Service
The USPS domestic cusotmer service phone number is 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), you can call this number for general info and inquiries. We suggest you call them on Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm and Saturday: 8am-6pm. Please note that the time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). Otherwise, you can not speak to a real person. Generally, it will be 22 minutes after you finally talk to a real person. You know, there are repeated computerized procedures you need to go through.

2. Sending E-mail During USPS Customer Service Off Hours
The United States Postal Service do not provide a certain email address for its customers. Instead, they provide an online form for customers to request services. This is may because they want things to be handled with specialized persons, thus to increase efficiency. Before sending your request, you need to select options and finish the required fields. You will get response within 24 hours as long as the next day is business day.

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