How to Rent a PO Box in the United States?

A PO Box is the abbreviation of Post Office Box. It is located in a post office station. People who do not want others to know their home addresses when receiving packages would like to rent a PO Box from the nearest local post office. It is also a good choice for those bussiness people to classify their personal mails from business mails by renting a PO Box, thus to increase efficiency. It's another advantage would be that many locations now offer 24 hours lobby access, so customers can pick up parcels at their convenient time. Then, how to reserve a PO Box from the local post office?

1. Find a place that you would your PO Box stands at.
Select one best place that you want your PO Box stands at. You can first find out the local post office and then choose the nearest one.

2. Choose the PO Box size that best suits your needs.
The United States Postal Office offer five kind of box sizes, you can choose one below that best suits your needs.

3. Prepare two forms of ID.
One is a photo ID and the other is a non-photo ID. For photo ID, it can be your driver's license, passport or any ID issued by a government; while for non-photo ID, it can be your voter or vehicle registration card.

4. Fill out the form or go to local post office.
Go to the United States Postal Service to fill out the applicaiotn form or printed out it and bring it to the local post office.

5. Bring your credit card with you.
After finish all the above four steps, you will be required to charge accordingly.

From USPS Tracking Site