USPS Hold Mail Services

Lots of people like to buy things online as there are more choices. Therefore, it is inevitable for them to receive more and more mails from the Postal Offices. And there is time when you are not that convenient to receive a package. For example, you are planning to have a holiday; you are going to visit your best friends who are away from what you are living; you are required to stay in hospital because some reasons. In short, you need to be away from your residence for some time. And at this moment, apparently, you are not at home and cannot get your parcel in person. So, what can you do? Actually, the United States Postal Service does provide a kind of service called "Hold Mail Services " to help those people take care of the package for a short time. Then how to request Hold Mail Services and how long can you hold it?

How to request USPS Hold Mail Services?

There are three methods to request the USPS Hold Mail Services.

Method One: Go to local post office and fill out a form.

You can go to the local post office and ask the clerk to give you a PS Form 8076 and then fill out all the required fields according to the given sample. Typically, you need to write your full name, address, beginning date, end date and etc..

Method Two: Call the USPS Customer Service Representatives.

You can call the USPS Customer Service Representatives phone number (1-800-ASK-USPS® or 1-800-275-8777) for the Hold Mail Services. Remember to call them between Monday and Saturday. You will required to answer a few questions, such as your name, address, beginning date, way to receive the accumulated mail and etc..

Method Three: Make your request online.

Go to the USPS official website and click "Manage Your Mail">"Hold Mail" and then follow the steps to finish the online form.

Things to Remember

1. Bear in mind your confirmation number in case you want to cancel or change your request.

2. USPS gives customers a minimum 3 days and maximum 30 days hold times. If you want the more days to hold, you need to request USPS Forward Mail Services.