How Can I Receive My USPS Hold Mail?

After requesting the USPS Hold Mail Services, you must know that your packages can only be guarded safely up to 30 days since the day you fill out your PS form 8076. So you may want to know how to get your hold mail after the due time. Actually, when filling the form, you are required to write down the ways you want your packages to be received. You can choose either to pick up mail by yourself at the local post office or let the carrier deliver it for you at the due time you request.

Things you need to note when receiving your accumulated mail.

a. Please show your photo ID which issued by government authorities to identify an individual when you choose to pick up packages at the local post office. This can be your driver's license, identity card or passport including a photo of your face.

b. If your hold mail are all delivered, then you are no longer use the Hold Mail Services, thus your later mail will be arranged to delivery as usual. Usually, this will be taken into effect in the next business day of the United States Postal Services.

c. Imagine what if your total package size exceeds your mail box size? Clearly, you need not worry about this at all if you choose to pick it up personally at the USPS local post office. But if you choose to let the carrier deliver packages for you, then only the package volume which is equivalent to the mail size will be delivered and the left will be sent to the local post office for you to pick up.

d. You can call the USPS customer service for help if you find your packages are not been delivered at the time they should be.