How to Edit or Cancel the USPS Hold Mail Request?

The United States Postal Service provides many excellent services for its customers. And a lot of us might be familiar with its Hold mail service which is secure and convenient to take care of packages for us when we are absent from home for a short time. But what about when you just want to change your mind and decide to stay at home after you have requested the USPS Hold mail service? As I just said, the United States Postal Service offers good services to its customers, so do not worry this but to follow the steps to change or cancel your request.

Steps to Change or Cancel the USPS Hold Mail Request

Step 1. Go to the official website of the United States Postal Service and then click "Track & Manage" > "Hold Mail", then enter the page and you will see the following picture:

Step 2. Click the second rectangular box on the right with words "Edit or cancel an existing Hold Mail request", then a dialogue box pops up.

Step 3. Enter the confirmation number and email address or phone number and then click "Search". Your confirmation number will be given to you when you have requested your Hold Mail service. Want to know how to request the USPS Hold Mail? Click USPS Hold Mail Service.

Step 4. At this time, you can choose to edit or cancel the Hold Mail. Please note if your Hold Mail request has been taken into effect, then you cannot edit the starting time.

What Can You Do If You Lose Your Confirmation Number?

Yes, sometimes this can really happen. And you just need to go to your local post office with your photo ID which can be your driver license, identity card, passport and ask the clerk to help you with the rest things. Besides, call your local post office can really be helpful too.